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Automotive Rollbars and Aftermarket Products for Miatas and MGBs

Miata Rollbars & Accessories

Our Miata rollbars come in two designs, the Double Hoop and the Clearview Single Hoop.  Either style can be ordered with Standard hoops to fit under a hardtop, or with Maxx type hoops for additional recline angle where use of a hardtop is not required.  The Standard type rollbars limit the seat recline slightly, while the Maxx type gives full recline, but will not fit under a hardtop.  The height and strength of all four types is the same, so the choice is just a personal preference.

All Boss Frog rollbars are made of the highest quality 1-3/4" x 1/8" wall DOM tubing, with heavy 3/16” CNC plasma cut flat parts. Each rollbar is manufactured in a precision welding fixture to assure the absolute best fit in your car. We utilize TIG welding for all tubing joints, to provide a higher strength but yet smaller weld joint, and the highest quality finished appearance. Why don't our competitors use TIG welding? Because it is slower and more expensive to make.

Each of our Miata rollbars;










Double Hoop Standard, Black (for use w/ hardtop)

Double Hoop Maxx, Black

Double Hoop Standard, Silver (for use w/ hardtop)

Double Hoop Maxx, Silver

Double Hoop Standard, Green (for use w/ hardtop)

Double Hoop Maxx, Green

Double Hoop Standard, Unfinished (for use w/ hardtop)

Double Hoop Maxx, Unfinished

Double Hoop Standard, Stainless (for use w/ hardtop)

Double Hoop Maxx, Stainless










The Boss Frog ClearviewTM is a double diagonal single hoop rollbar which meets the SCCA guidelines for racing. The Clearview has the advantage that the diagonals are separated about 7” at the top of the hoop, to allow an improved view through the rearview mirror (depending on your height).  The Clearview also uses the unique rear brace foot design to help stabilize the vertical hoop brace.  Instructions are available here.










Single Hoop Standard, Black (for use w/ hardtop)

Single Hoop Maxx, Black

Single Hoop Standard, Silver (for use w/ hardtop)

Single Hoop Maxx, Silver

Single Hoop Standard, Green (for use w/ hardtop)

Single Hoop Maxx, Green

Single Hoop Standard, Unfinished (for use w/ hardtop)

Single Hoop Maxx, Unfinished

Single Hoop Standard, Stainless (for use w/ hardtop)

Single Hoop Maxx, Stainless









Shipping & Handling to Continental USA $70.
Shipping & Handling to Continental USA $70

Custom fit padding manufactured by BSCI which meets the SFI 45.1 specifications, and the new FMVSS-201 specifications for head impact, and will not melt or burn. Each pad includes a built-in adhesive strip and is available in black only. The padding is pre-molded to fit the Double Hoop rollbars, and is 5/8" thick toward the front.  Padding for Clearview comes in three pieces.  Fits both standard and Maxx rollbars.  Instructions here.

Double Hoop Padding

Double Hoop Padding w/rollbar purchase

Single Hoop Padding

Single Hoop Padding w/rollbar purchase






Shipping & Handling $10 (free shipping with rollbar purchase)

This marine grade vinyl is custom made to fit the double and single hoop padding perfectly.  Double hoop covers have two zippers on the inside radius make it easy to attach and easy to remove for tech inspection.  Single hoop covers have Velcro on the inside radius, and require notching to fit around the rear hoop braces.  Nylon cords at the ends hold the covers securely to the rollbar while stretching it tight for a great look.  Fits regular or Maxx rollbars.  Instructions for single here.  Instructions for double here.




Double Hoop Vinyl Cover, Black

Double Hoop Vinyl Cover, Black w/rollbar purchase

Single Hoop Vinyl Cover, Black

Single Hoop Vinyl Cover, Black w/rollbar purchase



Shipping & Handling $10 (free shipping with padding purchase)

When most real rollbars are installed, the seatbelts sometimes don't retract as well.  These bolt-in adapters help the seatbelts work better.  Replaces the stock seatbelt guides, which need to be cut off.  These are powdercoated black for use on 2005 and earlier Boss Frog and Hard Dog rollbars.  These are included with all Boss Frog rollbars.  Instructions here.


Miata Seatbelt Adapters

Shipping & Handling $5

A simple acrylic windblocker is available to help stop the annoying breeze between the seats. It is made of ¼" acrylic with rounded and polished edges, and attaches to the back side of the inside hoop legs with velcro strips.  It is small enough to put behind the seats or in the trunk when not in use.  It won't stop all the wind, but it will stop enough to allow easier conversations and keep some of the chilly drafts out of the cockpit.  Instructions here.


Windblocker for Double Hoop Standard (flat)

Windblocker for Double Hoop Maxx (bent)

Shipping & Handling to Continental USA $10

Because of the unique design of the Boss Frog rollbars, it is possible to wrap the harness belts around the base of the rear hoop brace and be perfectly SCCA legal.  However, some tech inspectors get a little crabby and require a full harness bar.

Our harness Bar is made of 1.5" DOM tubing to meet SCCA specs, and it attaches using the top seatbelt tower bolts.  It can be used either with or without a rollbar (but we recommend WITH).  Instructions here.


Shipping & Handling to Continental USA $25
Harness Bar, Black

Harness Bar, Silver

Double Hoop

Clearview Single Hoop

SFI Padding

Vinyl Covers for SFI padding

Seatbelt Adaptors


Bolt-in Harness Bar

Another key feature to the strength of Boss Frog rollbars is the rear brace foot. The foot is a formed piece which provides lateral support to the vertical hoop brace. Other manufacturers weld a flat plate on the hoop brace, which gives no structural support at all to the tubing. In rollover testing per SCCA guidelines, this vertical hoop brace helped support the hoop brace, passing the testing with almost no deflection. The test report is available here, and the instructions are available here.

• Is available in five finishes; black powdercoat, silver powdercoat, bright green (like the
   Frog Arms), polished 304stainless, and unfinished.
• Fits 1990 – 2005 Miatas with original or aftermarket plastic or glass windows
• Comes complete with grade 8 hardware, backer plates, a pair of seatbelt adapters, and
  the best instructions anywhere.
• Is packed in foam tubing and double wall boxes, to protect your investment during
• Includes top-notch customer service and support for the life of your rollbar.

There are thousands of Boss Frog rollbars installed in Miatas all over America, and we welcome you to join our satisfied customers.   See Customer Pictures page for more examples of our rollbars

Miata FAQ

Will the seatbelts still retract?
Yes, but probably a bit slower than original. Any real Miata rollbar must be mounted directly in front of the seatbelt tower, which alters the seatbelt path slightly. We provide seatbelt adapters which help, but the seatbelts still may retract a little slower than stock.

Which rollbar is the tallest?
The overall height of the rollbar is limited by the convertible top. Boss Frog rollbars are built as tall as possible to still remain under the top. While the installed rollbar dimensions vary somewhat, following is an average set of dimensions.

Will it work with my glass window?
Boss Frog rollbars work with all factory windows and almost all OEM windows. If the window is roughly 33" or less at the front (top) edge, it will probably work fine.

Will I need to modify my boot?
The boot will fit, but it will not snap down completely. The boot can be modified by ripping out a few inches of the seam, or by taking it to an upholstery shop.

Will the Double Hoop rollbars work with my factory (NB) windblocker?
The stock windblocker will not fit after installation of a Double Hoop. However, it can be reinstalled with some modifications. Even the MiataSpeed windblockers can be modified to fit. See for information on modifying the factory windblockers. Otherwise, custom acrylic windblockers are available HERE.

What about SCCA approval and Autocross?
To participate in Autocross, a rollbar is recommended but not required. However, if a rollbar is installed, it must pass inspection according to SCCA guidelines. Note that there is no such thing as an "SCCA Approval". The car and equipment are "approved" by the individual tech inspectors at the track on the day of the race. We supply a listing of the SCCA guidelines together with how we meet the specs, plus a certification letter from a mechanical engineer.

Where can I buy Boss Frog products?
Boss Frog only accepts PayPal. For any other payment method, please see any of our top-notch vendors;

• GoMiata (
• Good-Win Racing (
• MiataRoadster (
• Flyin Miata (
• 949 Racing (
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• Moss Motors (
• Bell Engineering Group - (

Boss Frog made the very first (and still the only) SCCA compliant Double Hoop rollbar for the Mazda Miata. Others tried to copy the look, but they have never been able to achieve the strength of the Frog's patented design (US Patent # 7,032,927). The secret to the Boss Frog Double Maxx's strength is the unique saddle, which straddles the Miata's "hump". In destructive testing per SCCA guidelines, the patent pending saddle design helped to distribute the load to the floor of the car. The vehicle frame bent in half from the pressure, but the rollbar was completely intact.

lose the tail, grow some legs

Replacement Parts



Rep. Hardware & Backers (Single Hoop)

Rep. Hardware & Backer (Double Hoop)

Rep. Hardware, Backers & Saddle
(Double Hoop)
$50 + $10 S&H

$50 + $10 S&H

$150 + $25 S&H
Shipping & Handling to Continental USA