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Automotive Rollbars and Aftermarket Products for Miatas and MGBs

Customer Pictures

Ken Wong
Mike and MJ Schweiger
Tim Coughlin
Pat Rizzotto and friend
Tom Strahota
Matt & Meg Davis
Al Hollingsworth's '99
a pretty pair

Ben Upton ready for another run

Russ Silber on the track
stainless install for the Koczian ride

Ric's supercharged Miata

Ryan Melchers NA

Oops - Ric's other toy car

Tim Carritte's Silver Clearview

Taylor Hall's recent NA install

A great looking silver double hoop in the Joseph Lopez ride

Another view of Joseph's 2004 MazdaSpeed

A Silver Double Hoop Maxx named Katanya

Kevin Green's Clearview

Guy Zebrick's '04 MazdaSpeed

lose the tail, grow some legs