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Bass Frog ™ Woofers  - Bass Audio System

Woofer Enclosure Kit

Woofer Amp Kit

Woofer Enclosure Kit
includes sealed textured enclosure and high quality 10" dual coil 4 ohm MTX woofer, prewired to a wiring terminal block

• 90 day warranty if enclosure kit purchased

• List Price $210.00 Special Introductory Offer

M-WEK - Woofer Enclosure Kit

Shipping & Handling $20

Ever wish you had a little more bass in your Miata's sound system? We tried 8" speakers on the package tray, but we were not impressed. Boss Frog's system includes a sealed textured sub-woofer enclosure with a 10" dual coil MTX woofer and terminal block. The enclosure tucks neatly in to the driver's side rear fender well on all '90-'05 Miatas, saving you valuable trunk space.

The amplifier is a very small MTX unit rated at 500 watts RMS at 2 ohms single channel, which mounts on the front of the trunk space. The kit also comes with a complete amp kit, including 4 gauge power wire and ground cables, fuse holder, 12ga speaker wire, RCA input wires for both RCA equipped and traditional head units, remote startup wire, and mounting hardware. The kit also includes complete instructions on how to install and wire your kit.

Even though the woofer is in the trunk, the bass transmits easily in to the cabin area. No you won't break any windows with this system, but it puts out 135 decibels and nicely balances the midrange and tweeters in the cabin area. See our YouTube video.

Woofer Amp Kit
includes a high quality MTX 500 watt RMS class D amplifier with gain controls, low pass and subsonic filters, and a bass boost, plus a complete 4ga wiring kit as described above.

• 90 day warranty if amp kit is purchased
• List Price $225.00 Special Introductory
  Offer $195.00

M-WAK - Woofer Amp Kit

Shipping & Handling $10

lose the tail, grow some legs

Have you seen the cool European car headlights with the row of LED lights around the edge? Now you can have the same look on your Miata. The Frog Eyes mount easily around '99+ Miata headlights, and can be powered when the car is running, or activated by the headlights or blinkers. The kit comes with a pair of self-adhesive LED strips and a set of installation instructions.

Complete Woofer Kit

Complete Woofer Kit
includes both kits above

• one year warranty on complete woofer kit

• List Price $435.00 Special Introductory
  Offer $375.00 M-WK

M-WK - Woofer Kit

Shipping & Handling $25

Frog Eyes ™ - LED Headlight Accents







Frog Eyes, pair (white)

Frog Eyes, pair (blue)

Frog Eyes, pair (red)

Frog Eyes, pair (green)

Frog Eyes, pair (purple)

Frog Eyes, pair (pink)

Frog Eyes, pair (orange)






Shipping & Handling $5
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