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Boss Frog Inc manufactures the highest quality double and single hoop rollbars, performance, exhaust, suspension components and accessories available for Mazda Miatas, and now for British roadsters such as MGB and TR6 too. Our rollbar products have undergone destructive testing using the SCCA guidelines, so you can be assured of what you are buying.

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NEW Products!

Frog Woofers
Ever wish you had a little more bass in your Miata's sound system? Boss Frog has developed a complete system to give you some "thump" without giving up your entire trunk.

Frog Eyes
Have you seen the cool European car headlights with the little row of LED lights around the edge? Now you can have the same look on your Miata.

It's not easy being green
We now offer a bright green powdercoat finish on our rollbars - same as the Frog Arms!

Highest Quality Accessories for Miatas & MGB's

Highest Quality Accessories for Miatas & MGB's

The most important reason for a Boss Frog rollbar is safety. Boss Frog customer Paul Bishop was recently going around a very familiar corner on a cold day with cold tires, when his Miata went into a snap oversteer. The car skidded sideways and hit soft dirt on the edge of the road, flipping the car. The car ended up on its top, and Paul was able to crawl out from the overturned car with just bumps and bruises. Paul credits the solid rollbar with saving his life, and his advice is to lower your speed on corners when the weather is cool.

January 10, 2017

Dear Customers:
I am sorry to say that I have decided to close the doors on the Boss Frog business that has been running since 2003. I have a few items left for sale, but we will not be producing any more. Please contact me at to see if I have what you are looking for.